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The Team

A core team with Kiran Shah and Shailesh Vaidya at the helm is spearheading the CPV research & development project. Its members based in India and the USA have expertise in optics, material sciences and metallurgy, astronomy, mechanical design of aggregates and structures, polymer engineering, embedded software, signal processing, low cost manufacture including shop floor automation and testing and development of standards (specifically for the CPV industry). The team also has strengths in business development and management and are confident of meeting the challenge of identifying and deploying the optimum design of a cost effective CPV system.


Shailesh Vaidya , (co-founder, CEO)

Shailesh has successfully commercialised the Image Analysis System developed by him as his college project. Shailesh has a very sharp eye for emerging trends and technologies in varied fields with a very good understanding of the income and expenditure effect involved in the commercialisation of such new products. He has gained experience in establishing an organizational structure and marketing network at Chroma Systems and is also involved in providing back end support for technical requirements and in planning and procurement.

Kiran Shah (co-founder, CTO)

Kiran has extensive experience in optics and astronomical instrumentation. He is involved in the Alt-Az Initiative (a US based group working to deploy large aperture telescopes capable of scientific observations headed by Dr. Russel Genet). Kiran has presented astronomical observations and published papers in various conferences and technical books. He is the CTO and heads the multi disciplinary team at Chroma Energy Pvt. Ltd. His technical skills cover areas like mechanical design and manufacturability and he also has an extensive experience in low cost deployment of manufacturing technologies and industrial automation.

Pradyumna Gogte (CIO)

Pradyumna has been working in the Software Industry since 1989. Over the span of 20 years, he has headed teams and worked on development of products, in house tools and on customer projects in a variety of languages ranging from Assembly, C, C++, Visual Basic, C# and Java. Pradyumna has also been associated with Chroma Systems for the last 17 years, having worked extensively in the area of Image Processing. He is now head of the embedded development team at Chroma Energy.

Surendra Sathe (Director-Quality Systems)

Surendra Sathe has 30+ years of rich experience as a practicing metallurgist with a specialisation in Quality Assurance, Laboratory Set up and R & D and has developed and worked with various specialised surface treatments and processes. He has been a Metallurgical Consultant to GMRT (Giant Meter Radio Telescope) at Narayangaon and in the past has setup and was heading the R&D and material testing facilities at companies like Bosch, Kinetic Engineering and Technique Surfaces.

Sandheep Surendran, (Owner of Surya Design)

Sandheep Surendran is the owner of Surya Design and has ten years of product development experience, the latter half of which has been dedicated exclusively to clean tech. Sandheep holds a Bachelor of Science in Mechanical Engineering from Rice University and has co-authored two published patents. Sandheep serves on the IEC (International Electro technical Commission) Technical Committee 82, Working Group 7 (Concentrated Photovoltaics) where he is presently working on a CPV module power rating standard. He is a consultant for Chroma Energy on various aspects of CPV.

Anil Visal (Director-Partner Alliances)

Anil Visal is based in California, and represents Chroma Energy in the capacity of ‘Director - Partner Alliances’ He has his independent management consultancy firm in US called ConzultZone, which is a SAP and business transformation consulting firm that designs and implements solutions that address complex business issues faced by large and medium sized organizations.

Raju Badade (Electronics Engineer)

Raju Badade is an electronics engineer with twenty years of experience in the Telecom Sector. He Specializes in Embedded System Designing, and has expertise in Embedded Firmware, developing and debugging complex, large and real time Assembly language codes.

Suneet Kotwal (Polymer Engineer)

Suneet Kotwal is a polymer engineer, is associated with and has extensive experience in the formulation and application of polyurethane. He has also worked on plasma nitrating and development of a composite non-metallic structure for ground penetration radar.